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The Billionaires

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The Billionaires

Belong Gallery, Chicago, IL

Belong Gallery presents The Billionaires, a solo exhibition by Aubrey Ingmar from May 26 - June 24, 2023. Through an immersive installation, including ceramics, digital prints, large-scale wall drawings, an iOS augmented reality app, and a coloring book, Ingmar employs satire to shed light on the absurdity of an ultra-wealthy billionaire class.

Throughout history, societies have used mockery as a means of challenging and subverting the powerful, from medieval puppetry to modern-day memes. This exhibition draws upon this long standing tradition, offering a contemporary evolution as a means to reclaim a sense of control, remove power from the powerful and empowerment to the powerless.

In their quest for control, the billionaire will resort to tantrums on social media when faced with setbacks, commandeer media conglomerates to shape narratives, and prioritize space races over leveraging their immense resources to address pressing planetary concerns. By stripping away the aura of invincibility surrounding the super elite, Ingmar's installation serves as a critique of their ability to manipulate culture, information, technology, and even democracy itself.

In a playful nod to political cartoons, Ingmar transforms the billionaire archetype into a child-like and foolish caricature. As visitors traverse the exhibition, they will witness the billionaires' insatiable materialism, their grandiose space race endeavors, and even their metaphorical indulgence in cannibalistic pursuits.

Please join us in this immersive and satirical exploration of the follies and excesses of the billionaire elite!

May 26 - June 24, 2023

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