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Project: Messages for Earth

Messages for Earth
a 3D ecosocialist project

Messages for Earth is a project that utilizes satire to portray an eco-socialist political narrative, addressing the need for immediate action in preventing climate change caused by human civilization and capitalism. 

An interactive website,, assists in telling the fictional story of a future terraformed metaverse, and includes 10 virtual sculptures made with VR and 3D sculpting software

The Story, sent from a virtual metaverse in the future...


These messages are presented in an effort to remind humankind of what they can do today to provide Earth with a habitable tomorrow.

They ultimately serve as a c
ode of ethics to practice by the people of Earth, with the hopeful vision they will help save the planet. If they protest for systemic change and demand the ecological protection of the planet be addressed by governments and corporations through the removal of capitalist profit motives, then there is a chance that Earth and its creatures will make it.

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