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Project: Faster Hammers...We're Almost There!


Faster Hammers...We're Almost There!

Transmitted from the future, a fictional history is presented that recounts the beginnings of a matriarchal society birthed inside of the abandoned suburban pools of Los Angeles in the summer of 2019. As a result of the Trump era administration, the aftermath of the Kavanaugh trial, nationwide abortion bans, the lack of a federal recognition of the equal rights amendment, income inequality between the sexes, and a yearning for female-identified leadership, the matriarchal founders of this new comradery were empowered to take action. 


Playful yet sincere, the installation at ARVIA presents a collection of these artifacts of cultural and historical importance to educate about the beginnings of the matriarchal founders and their tireless actions to take down and smash the patriarchy, in order to build a community based on creativity and collaboration. "Faster, Hammers... We're Almost There!" offers a glimpse into the hopeful actions of those oppressed to remain resilient in their efforts to build a more inclusive and just society.

ARVIA LA, Los Angeles, CA 2019

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